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Email Setup Instructions

The following describes the method for setting up your HSO member's free email account.


Open Microsoft Office Outlook

Click on Tools>Email Accounts (Outlook 2003) or Tools>Account Settings (Outlook 2007).

Choose to set up a new account.

Choose POP3 account

Choose Internet Email account.

Email set up

Enter your name, the HSO email address you have been assigned, and the password you have been assigned.

Click in the "Manually configure server settings...." check box in the lower left hand corner of the form.

Click Next>

Email set up

Enter your name and HSO email address.

Account type: POP3

Incoming and outgoing mail server will be

Your username will be your first name followed by a period "." then your last name. Example - John.Smith

Then instead of an @ sign put in a "+" sign. Example your user name would be

Enter your password, click on the Test Account Settings button. If everything works as it should there will be a test email sent and received in your email.

Click Next and then Finish.

If there is any problem with your email set up or you have any questions please email us at